Kidney & Cardio Formula *

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Dr. I’s clinical findings support:

* antioxidant protection & detoxification
* heart & vascular health
* kidney and urinary health
* brain and nervous system health
* inflammation, joint health
* excess blood sugar support
* excess lipid level support
* healing after injury or surgery
* lung health and respiratory system
* immune system health

Medicinal properties:

ProtectMe TeaTM is a powerful “whole food” antioxidant tea made entirely from plants. It contains a full spectrum of naturally occurring “phyto-chemicals” that have been studied to support the body’s natural ability to eliminate wastes, neutralize free radicals and balance blood pressure.*

The beautiful rosy pink pigments of this ProtectMe TeaTM tells you that it is loaded with bioflavonoids that the plant manufactured to protect itself from the sun, infections, invaders, chemicals and other toxins. These foods bright in colors have phytochemicals that offer us the same protection from our environment when we eat them.*

Like CleanMe TeaTM, this herbal combination can serve as a perfect complement to any of the Nature’s Detox Herbal CleansesTM or even as a daily supplement to protect against the free radicals of the modern day living.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Green tea leaf

Camellia sinensis

Hawthorn berry

Craetagus pinnatifida


Vaccinium macrocarpon


Punica granatum


Acacia senegal

Palm-Leaf Raspberry

Rubus chingii

Ingredients and Suggested Use

To support the body’s natural ability to protect the kidneys and heart from stress, toxins and chemical oxidation* mix ½ - 1 tsp (2.5-5 grams) ProtectMe TeaTM in 8-12 oz hot or cold water, stir and drink daily.

OR as a Detox Program: Rotate with CleanMe Tea™ and RestoreMe Tea™ and take with Nature’s Detox Herbal CleansesTM Read Nature’s Diet and Nature’s Detox books and visit for details.

Warning: Consult a physician before using if you have a medical condition.

Mother Nature holds the answers to our health and healing....when in doubt, just ask, "What would Nature do?"

- Dr. Andrew Iverson