NATURE’S DETOX BOOK (Audio Download)

NATURE’S DETOX BOOK (Audio Download)

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Nature’s Detox brings new life to a healing art that has all but been forgotten. The practice of fasting for health, healing and spiritual communion is as old as mankind. Browsing through the historic medical literature, fasting was proven in numerous accounts to be effective when nothing else was. In old journals fasting was successfully utilized by medical doctors to treat hypertension, diabetes, asthma, allergies, skin conditions, arthritis, headaches, depression, chronic pain and fatigue — to name a few.


Nature’s Detox teaches who can safely undergo fasting. Your unique biochemistry determines if you will have the best results on a modified diet fast, a raw food or juice fast, or water fasting alone.   Unlike other books on fasting, Nature's Detox will lead you day-by-day on a fast that is safe and effective for your own personal fasting capabilities and current health status.  The reader will also learn the science of how fasting works, and what signs, symptoms and lab values are normal, and which are dangerous.


Nature’s Detox extensively reviews sources of heavy metals and chemical toxins found in our living environment. It will instruct how to clear these toxins with herbal cleanses, enemas, colonics, saunas and massage. Experience enjoyable reading subjects discussing acid-alkaline balance, fermented foods, GMOs, healthy hormones versus fake hormones, and the new interest of “intermittent fasting.” Many will be intrigued learning about the history of the fasting movement in the West with the European retreats known as sanitariums and the evolution of fasting for spiritual enlightenment as it was underway in the East.


Immerse yourself in juicing, smoothies and basic food recipes- all which make Nature’s Detox a successful cleansing program. In one manual you’ll receive recommendations offered to my own patients in the clinic, teaching you to heal yourself — at home — with the power of Nature’s Detox.


Fasting is the greatest remedy, it is the physician within. – Paracelsus


The best of all medicines are rest and fasting. – Benjamin Franklin


Fasting will bring spiritual rebirth to those of you who cleanse and purify your bodies  Gandhi


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