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What is an Herbal Detox or Cleanse?

Simply speaking, a botanical cleanse contains plants that “wake up” the detoxification system.  They literally promote and improve the natural function of the intestines, the liver, the kidneys and the lymphatic systems so they are less sluggish and may eliminate wastes more effectively. 

Our body naturally makes waste from the digestion of food and removal of dying cells.  However we also come in contact with pollutants in our environment that are unavoidable:  pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, hormones, radiation, drugs, alcohol, fumes and smoke.

Plants provide the body with a massive burst of antioxidants which support each organ’s natural ability to 1) protect themselves from toxins and 2) remove the toxins 3) enhance their own immunity making them stronger against future toxins and invasions. 

To sum it up- We may eat good food but we also must eliminate the wastes or these toxins can literally poison our heart, brain, lungs and other vital organs leading to disease and a shortened life. 

Nature’s Detox Liver CleanseTM supports the body’s natural ability to:

1) EliminateTM harmful microbes and viruses and build healthy hepatic immunity

2) StimulateTM bile flow and cleanse the liver and gallbladder of stagnancy

3) RegenerateTM antioxidants and protect the liver from toxins and chemical oxidation.



First 5 days:  Take 1 capsule of each EliminateTM Part 1, StimulateTMPart 2 and RegenerateTM Part 3 on an empty stomach in the morning with 8 oz of water about 30 minutes before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner (three times daily away from other supplements).

Next 5 days: repeat as above with 2 capsules three times daily

Last 5 days: repeat as above with 3 capsules three times daily

Additional Considerations

DIET: For best results take these products with a whole food or vegan diet as written in Nature’s Detox and Nature’s Detox 50 Cleansing Herbs.

COLONICS/ENEMAS: To support the detoxification process consider having one every three days while on each cleanse (5 in the 15 day program).

DRY SKIN BRUSHING: Brush with a natural fiber dry skin brush from the toes and fingers towards the heart.

SAUNAS: Eliminate waste by encouraging sweating through the skin. Always end with a cool rinse.

It is important to realize that Nature’s medicine is not like Man’s medicine—it does not bring about a change within hours. Natural medicine acts slowly over time to bring about lasting changes. Therefore, be patient and stay focused. Do your best with the food choices, increased water intake, and daily walking.

NOTE: Some people may experience detoxification symptoms during this cleanse as the toxins leave the body. It is common to feel tired, mentally confused, irritable, nauseous, or depressed. You may experience headaches, skin outbreaks, bad breath, and some women start their period out of cycle. These are normal symptoms. If the symptoms are bothersome cut back the intensity of the cleanse by reducing the amount of the supplements and proceed at lower doses. Some may choose to take a day or two off the supplements and just continue the diet and water until their symptoms are cleared before restarting.   

Mother Nature holds the answers to our health and healing....when in doubt, just ask, "What would Nature do?"

- Dr. Andrew Iverson