Grounding Mat EMF electromagnetic field protection

Grounding Mat EMF electromagnetic field protection

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Grounding mats are recommended by Dr. Iverson to neutralize unhealthy geo-magnetic and electromagnetic frequencies.   Simply plug into the grounding receptacle (the third round slot below the above two side-by-side vertical slots) in your electrical outlet and receive the health benefits of grounding the body.

These high quality grounding mats are made of human and pet-safe materials, free from off-gassing, highly-conductive polyurethane leather.   These grounding mats are made of the highest quality materials and are more durable and longer lasting than most grounding mats.   

These are one of the largest sized mats produced on the market and can be used for yoga, placed under bare feet while working on computers or placed on the mattress at the base of the bed to rest bare feet while sleeping. 

Size:  35" L x 23.5" W 

Reducing electrical field stress in the body has been used historically for: 

  • inflammation reduction; pain alleviation
  • blood circulation
  • sleep enhancement
  • stress, anxiety, improving sense of well being

 All mats have been tested and guaranteed by the manufacturer.