Florida Keys Breeze™

Florida Keys Breeze™

Hammock Daydreams

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Dr. I’s clinical findings support:

*adrenal & stress support
*thyroid support
*nerve & brain health
*eye health
*nerve pain support
*inflammation and pain pattern
*liver & detoxification support
*hangover remediation
*skin health


Fresh, citrusy, tart, herbaceous

Energetic Properties:

refreshing, cleansing, liberating, revitalizing, uplifting, rejuvenating, carefree, cheerful, uplifting, easy 

Medicinal properties:

These plants have been used by traditional and native healers for a wide variety of conditions associated with nervous system imbalances such as nervous exhaustion, fatigue, stress; and insomnia. These plants have been given to alleviate sadness of grief, stimulate focus and memory and lighten the load on the heart. Besides taking the strain off the emotional heart it equally relieves the strain on the physical heart resulting in rapid or erratic heart palpitations and blood pressure fluctuations.

Herbalists have also used these plants to aid in detoxification by promoting bile flow in the liver and gallbladder and helping to purge from inflammation due to excess alcohol and unhealthy fatty foods. All these plants have been helpful in general for digestive complaints to enzyme production and promote elimination.

These plants been given by herbalists to heal the skin of broken capillaries and to repair skin rapidly if it has been injured or damaged from sun or chemicals. They offer natural support to the skin’s collagen and connective tissue for prevention of oxidation and wrinkles.

Another additional use by traditional healers is to use these plants to reduce inflammation in the joints and painful spasms in the muscles.

Contains 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Key Lime

Citrus aurantifolia

Bitter Orange

Petitgrain Citrus aurantium

Ho Wood

Cinnamomum camphora var linalool


Citrus bergamia


Rosmarinus officinalis

Bring Nature's Breezes to you:

Topical: Use as a perfume or apply to bottoms of feet with a carrier oil for aromatherapy.

Aromatic: Diffuse anywhere offensive odors, mold, microbes or dust mites are found.  

Tip: Add to the washing machine, dryer, or directly inside shoes to neutralize odors. 

Caution: Photo-toxic. Avoid sunlight or UV radiation on skin where oil has been applied. Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes, lips, and genitalia.  Highly concentrated- dilute before using topically.  If pregnant or lactating consult your doctor before using.  NOT for internal use.   

Historical & Spiritual use:

Lime oil was used to revitalize the body and create clarity of the mind especially if there was an important decision to make.  Mariners often depended on limes to prevent the vitamin C deficiency known as scurvy

Petitgrain oil also was used to clear the mind and refresh the body and has been used with negative emotions like fear, sadness, confusion, anger and shock.   

Petitgrain juice was used to treat worms and scorpion stings.