Cooking Videos

From Dr. Iverson’s kitchen to yours, in his new cooking series you’ll learn his favorite wheat-free and dairy-free recipes inspired from around the world, all found within Nature’s Diet Cookbook!  Learn how to make healthy and simple everyday recipes so you can start living and eating as Nature intended, just as you read from Nature’s Diet book.

You’ll enjoy each quick, yet informative video on why Nature’s Diet recipes are so good for us and how to prepare them so that they taste amazing too. Dr. Iverson teaches important, health-changing skills and tips with each video, featuring nutritious recipes from everyday family dishes, to juicing and smoothies for detoxification and cleansing.

This is more than just cooking! — this is living Nature’s Diet, by eating Nature’s whole foods as our ancestors did, without the preservatives and chemicals.

Start living a healthier life TODAY! — Just as Nature intended. This recipe and over 400 other wheat-free, dairy-free recipes can be found in Nature’s Diet Cookbook & Meal Planner, AVAILABLE HERE!