Ocean Mist Breeze™

Ocean Mist Breeze™

Sea Spray California Bays

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Dr. I’s clinical findings support:

* adrenal stress, fatigue & weakness
* nutrient deficiency, poor diet/excess blood sugar levels
* lung health and respiratory system
* healing after injury or surgery
* inflammation, joint pain patterns
* immunity, lymph node, infection, (virus/warts/shingles support)
* skin health
* heart & vascular health
* cerebral blood flow, brain health
* natural insect deterrent


fresh, spicy, medicinal, herbaceous

Energetic Properties:

refreshing, cleansing, purifying, healing, balancing, rejuvenating, awakening, build courage and strength

Medicinal properties:

These plants have been traditionally used by herbalists for their antimicrobial properties. They have been added to steam inhalations to support the immune system’s natural ability to fight tonsillitis, colds, flu, sinusitis, sore throat and acute and chronic respiratory infections. Traditional healers have used these plants to promote lymphatic drainage and to encourage sweating and the discharge of toxins and support the skin with acne, rashes, ulcers, wounds, and as an after shave. These plants also have affinity for the urinary system and have been used traditionally to support bladder and prostate in infection. These plants have been given by healers to support the body during stress and from over-work/over-exercise and fatigue associated with illness (adrenal).

Contains 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Bay Laurel leaves

Laurus Nobilis

Ravensara leaves

Ravensara aromatica

Elemi resin

Canarium commune

Myrtle leaves

Myrtus communis


Zingiber officinale


Commiphora myrrha

Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea


Hyssopus officinalis

Bring Nature's Breezes to you:

Topical: Use as a perfume or apply to bottoms of feet with a carrier oil for aromatherapy.

Aromatic: Diffuse anywhere offensive odors, mold, microbes or dust mites are found.

Tip: Freshen clothes, add to washer, dryer or directly inside shoes to neutralize odors.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, lips, and genitalia. Highly concentrated- dilute before using topically. If pregnant or lactating consult your doctor before using. NOT for internal use.

Historical & Spiritual use:

Romans considered bay leaf a symbol of wisdom and believed prophetic dreams would occur when placed under the pillow.

In Arabic, Elemi is translated to "As above, so below"- a fitting name for a plant that was used in embalming to help the soul transcend the next life.

Ravensara is considered mood-elevating for sadness and fatigue of physical and mental origin. It has been used to give courage and protection and as a tonic medicine for to protect against infections. In Madagascar, the name ravensara means “leaves that are good for you”.

Myrtle leaves were a symbol of immortality and love and used as an aphrodisiac and in love potions. It also has been used to elevate the mood, promote peace and calm and help break habits and addictions.

In ancient Greece the physician Dioscorides gave myrtle leaves to treat lung and bladder infections. It was also the main ingredient in a special skin care formula from the 16th century called Aphrodite’s water or Angel’s Water.