Mediterranean Breeze™ 15ml

Mediterranean Breeze™ 15ml

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Dr. I’s clinical findings support:

*inflammation and pain pattern
*trauma/injury/accident/surgery support
* wound healing, scar prevention, skin stretching
*immunity, lymph node, infection support
*cardiovascular support
*liver detoxification support
*allergy support
*bug bite/bee sting neutralization
*mood balance (grief, loss, deep pain, sadness)


fresh, herbacous, citrusy, bright

Energetic Properties:

cleansing, clarifying, refreshing, purifying, energizing, motivating, renewing, cheerful, uplifting 

Medicinal properties:

These plants have been used by herbalists and native healers for their profound action to support white blood cell proliferation against microbes and infections of all types. They were used by healers for sore throat, respiratory conditions, cough, cold, flu, bronchitis and other viral conditions

These plants have all been used to calm the pain of joints and muscles as well as soft muscle pain from stomach aches and female menstrual cramps. Herbalists have used these plants to support muscles that have been injured to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

All of these plants have been given for their ability to strengthen the circulatory system, balance blood pressure, reduce stress on the heart and prevent varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Herbalists and native healers have also used these plants to purify and cleanse the liver and the blood and detoxify and decongest the lymphatic and urinary system. They have long been used to clear the poison from bad food and alcohol as well as the poison from insect bites and snakes as well.


Lemon Peel

Citrus limon

Cypress Needle

Cupressus sempervirens


Foeniculum vulgare

Spanish Marjoram

Thymus mastichina


Rosmarinus officinalis


Origanum vulgare

White Thyme

Thymus vulgaris

Bring Nature's Breezes to you:

Topical: Use as a perfume or apply to bottoms of feet with a carrier oil for aromatherapy.

Aromatic: Diffuse anywhere offensive odors, mold, microbes or dust mites are found.

Tip: Add to the washing machine, dryer, or directly inside shoes to neutralize odors. 

Caution: Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes, lips, and genitalia.  Highly concentrated- dilute before using topically.  If pregnant or lactating consult your doctor before using.  NOT for internal use. 

Historical & Spiritual use:

Cypress has long been associated with the dead, and the passage between this world and the next. It is said to be helpful for those grieving, or those experiencing a major life-change.

The oldest living Cypress is several thousand years old they are known to represent powerful immunity and long life.

Roman soldiers were said to chew fennel seeds before battle, and the Greeks believed that the plant granted long life and fortitude. Chinese used fennel as a cure for snakebites and the Egyptians used it for afflictions of the eyes, especially cataracts.

Oregano appears in the Bible as one of the healing plants given to humans by God. The Greek physician Hippocrates used oregano as a treatment for respiratory and digestive ailments.

Oregano has a long history for promoting clarity of thought and in potions to guard against negative energies.

Thyme was used to ward away nightmares, improve memory and generate a cheerful mood. Thyme was given to knights before battle to bolster their courage, and placed in courtrooms to ward off disease. It was even used as an antiseptic in WWI, and its main constituent, thymol, found in Listerine, still one of the strongest antiseptics known.