Forget-Me-Not Memories

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Dr. I’s clinical findings support:

*mood balance (sadness)
*mood balance (compulsive, irritable)
*mood balance (fear, worry, nervousness)
*children (mood, fear, irritability, sleep)
*female & male hormone support
*adrenal & stress support
*brain and nerve health
*allergy support
*trauma/injury/accident/surgery support
* wound healing, scar prevention, skin stretching
*inflammation and pain pattern
*bug bite/bee sting neutralization
*nutrient deficiency, poor diet/excess blood sugar levels


light, airy, delicate, minty, floral, herbaceous

Energetic Properties:

playful, lighthearted, imaginative, nostalgic, innocent, romantic spring

Medicinal properties:

These plants have long been used by herbalists to lighten a heavy heart both physically and emotionally because of their ability to dilating arteries and capillaries promoting circulation in the heart and vascular system. Very helpful for nervous tension, anger, fear, worry, restlessness that results in elevated tension, blood pressure, headaches, PMS, and insomnia.

These plants have an affinity to the digestive system to sooth indigestion, bloating, flatulence and bring regularity with irritability or constipation.

Natural healers have appreciated their power to support the respiratory system particularly under stress and distress of a cold, flu, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. They also have been recognized for their support to the lymphatic system to drain and discharge mucous and toxins.
As with many others, these plants have been used by herbalists to soften inflammation associated with pain patterns, swollen joints, muscle aches and sprains and strains. Much benefit from the plants as well for preventing or minimizing scar tissue, and speeding healing of infections and wounds making them great plants for surgery recovery.

Herbalists have used these plants to purify the blood and reduce allergic reactions, ease itching and neutralize skin irritations like bites, stings and allergic reaction to poison oak and poison ivy.

Contains 100% Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Sweet Marjoram

Origanum majorana


Hyssopus officinalis

Roman Chamomile

Anthemis nobilis

Atlas Cedar

Cedrus atlantica

Bring Nature's Breezes to you:

Topical: Use as a perfume or apply to bottoms of feet with a carrier oil for aromatherapy.

Aromatic: Diffuse anywhere offensive odors, mold, microbes or dust mites are found.   

Tip: Add to the washing machine, dryer, or directly inside shoes to neutralize odors.  

Caution: Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes, lips, and genitalia.  Highly concentrated- dilute before using topically.  If pregnant or lactating consult your doctor before using.  NOT for internal use.   

Historical & Spiritual use:

Marjoram has long been associated with protection, love and prosperity.
The ancient Greeks used marjoram to treat muscle spasm and as an antidote to poison. They felt it was a symbol of joy and was given to newlyweds as a token of good fortune.

According to Roman legend, Venus, the goddess of love, gave marjoram its delicate scent so that mortals would smell it and recall her beauty.

Hyssop has a very long history of use in purification and protection. In the Psalm of King David, it is written, “Thou shalt purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean.” The leaves were bound over wounds and cancer growths.