Study shows why some toddlers won't eat veggies and HOW TO PREVENT THIS from happening to your baby.

A new study found that mothers who ate high consumption of veggies while nursing had children who were less likely to turn away veggies when transitioning to solid food.

When an expectant mother eats vegetables, they flavor her amniotic fluid -- and later, her breast-milk -- and those flavors get passed along to her baby. As a result, the researchers said, if the baby learns early how veggies taste, he or she will be less apt to squawk when offered that first spoonful.

That's a boon for parents and for the nation's health. One in four U.S. toddlers doesn't eat even one vegetable a day, the study authors noted. Like many of their moms and other adults, kids are more likely to choose sweet and salty snacks and sugary drinks, which contribute to obesity and chronic disease.

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The study was published in the July issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.