SMOKING CESSATION with N-Acetylcysteine NAC

A study has shown that taking 1500 mg of N-Acetylcysteine NAC twice daily significantly helped people QUIT SMOKING both nicotine and marijuana- it has even shown to help with gambling addiction!

NAC increases glutamate in the brain, a deficiency has been associated with addictions. It also is a precursor to GLUTATHIONE- the antioxidant your own body makes to protect itself from chemicals.

Therefore- it may be that just INCREASING our ANTIOXIDANTS may be an important LINK to ADDICTIONS as well. How do we increase our antioxidants???

Currently I'm working on a powerful liver-protecting herbal formula that will do just that: fortify our own natural stores of glutathione. Many of Nature's plants have mechanisms that promote our own glutathione production. I'll be releasing these powerful liver enhancing botanical extracts with the release of my book Nature's Detox and even some live class presentations on how this all works.. All coming this spring!