Parasite Med is a POTENTIAL CANCER TREATMENT.... and the price just INCREASED 400% because of it!

I commonly will use this medication when treating children abroad with general parasite infections- you can imagine my surprise when I read this article and found not only could there be an association between parasite infections and cancer (as some have hypothesized) but also the drug which still costs about 50 cents in the third world is now selling for $369 dollars in the USA! How can this robbery happen in our country? continue reading....

npr reports:
""Cancer researchers are testing whether a generic drug, mebendazole, that has been used for more than 40 years to treat parasitic infections may also help fight cancer.

Gregory Riggins, a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, treated the mice with mebendazole and then implanted cancer cells into the animals' brains. But after the mice got the pinworm drug, the cancers never developed. "Our medulloblastoma stopped growing," Riggins says. He found out that other researchers were conducting animal studies to see if the drug had effects on lung cancer and melanoma. "Based on the preclinical studies it looks like it has promise. "

And in an odd twist to a complicated story, the cost of mebendazole in the U.S. has skyrocketed in recent years. Though it remains very affordable in most countries, the wholesale cost of a 100 mg tablet in the U.S. has risen from $4.50 in 2011 to $369 in 2016, according to Truven Health Analytics. ""

Dr. Iverson: I too have seen an association with multiple infections and cancer and immune inhibition. Many of the herbs that we utilize to treat cancer, interestingly also have antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties. So- the real question emerges... is cancer potentially partially caused by an infectious agent? More research will take need- but for now I would encourage healthy Nature's Diet and INTESTINAL, LIVER and URINARY cleansing as I write about in NATURE's DETOX- being printed now! stay tuned.…/a-pinworm-medication-is-being-tested-a…