Oh Chrismas Tree Filled with Medicine Art Thee!

The house is filled with the scent of the essential oils of our dear friend Christmas Tree. Those very oils are protecting us from the winter woes! 
Studies show that fir, cedar, pine, and juniper trees have powerful antifungal, anticandidal and antibacterial properties inhibiting both both gram positive and gram negative bacteria up to 98% ! 
Native Americans made teas from the needles for infections like cough, cold, flu, sinusitis, fevers, urinary infections and diarrhea and applied teas topically for skin infections to reduce swelling and pain. They even chewed the needles for dental pains and studies show that the plant inhibits streptococcus mutans bacteria that cause dental cavities! IT EVEN COMPLETELY ERADICATED h.pylori.... the bacteria causing ulcers!

The new green leaves that you see in this photo are high in vitamin C and actually saved sailors in the 1500's when they were stricken with scurvy in the 1500s.

So get out and make an EVERGREEN WiNTER TEA! or maybe put some in a pot with water and infuse the house with essential oils--- or best yet-- go chew some needles right off the tree!

MY New BOOK ---50 Cleansing herbs talks about the DETOX of the HERBS IN OUR OWN BACKYARD! FRIDAY!!!

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