Dwarfism holds a link to CANCER PREVENTION!

 People living in remote villages in Ecuador have a mutation that scientist feel could answer some questions about cancer and disease prevention- AND YOU HAVE ACCESS IN YOUR OWN HOME!

The villagers are very small, generally less than three feet tall, and have a rare condition known as Laron syndrome or Laron-type dwarfism.  The most amazing finding is these individuals are COMPLETELY FREE OF DIABETES AND CANCER, even though  many are obese.


Here is a 67-year-old man who has Laron-type dwarfism with his daughter, 5, and sons, 7 and 10.


These persons have a defective ability to produce a growth hormone  called insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1 which makes the children grow. If the Laron patients are given doses of IGF-1 before puberty,  they can grow to fairly normal height.


However, it is just this very low level of IGF-1 that protects them from age-related diseases.


Human cells grown in a laboratory dish were soaked in serum from Laron patients. The cells were then damaged with a chemical that disrupts their DNA.   AMAZINGLY, The Laron serum protected the cells from genetic damage and even caused the cells that were already damaged to destroy themselves, a mechanism the body uses to prevent damaged cells from becoming cancerous!


SO HOW CAN YOU LOWER YOUR OWN insulin-like growth factor at HOME?


Would you believe that DISCONTINUING FOOD for just ONE DAY a WEEK can reduce you IGF-1 levels significantly!    Longer periods can be even more effective and reducing the amount of hours you eat during a day (6-8 hour windows) will also reduce them.  I'll teach you all about this in the book Nature's Detox coming out this fall!   Until then, practice eliminating an evening meal and just sipping herbal tea or spending a weekend drinking just vegetable smoothies or veggie juice-  every little bit is CUMULATIVE!